About Pipepology Plumbing

We’ve provided over 9 years of reliable plumbing service in Texas and beyond. With our 24/7 emergency response, you can be assured no leak is too big or too sudden for our team. 

Our reviews speak for themselves!

Excellent, expert service. Water leaking thru ceiling, source unknown. Of 3 plumbers, Brandon from Pipeology had the first opening. After listening to water run, he cut one small hole in the ceiling to reveal the culprit--the shower drain. Replaced the drain in no time and cleaned everything up well!

Liz H.

This will be my plumber of choice next time I need them. They were very professional and can tell that they want to do the job right. They were able to fixed a problem that was slowly causing issues in my plumbing. I really appreciate the job that they did. Make sure you call them first. Thank you again.

Korey M.

My toilet started to get clogged with one square of T. P. So I figured its time to bite the bullet and call a rooter. Im So happy i called a pipology instead. I see those pipology vans all over town so i figured ide give them a shot. A clean cut professional plumber shows up in seriously like 10 minutes has it flushing like a dream 5 minutes after that. And back to my day. Painless. Affordable. Professional. That deserve 5 stars in my book. Why cant everyone opperate like that.